Resorts and Hotels

We can provide the inspiration, the renderings, the concept plans, interior design and schematics to make your themed resort unique and successful. 

The rule of thumb Disney uses:  the more beautifully themed, the longer the guest stay time...and the higher the room rates and occupancy.

            Tivat, Montenegro

´╗┐We worked with both Irish and Russian developers and the Government of Montenegro to help the country become a tourist destination.  This included the conceptual design of a new airport and many resort hotels.  The Palace Hotel (shown above) was designed by Patricia Greenway for the city of Tivat, Montenegro.  We are proud to say that we helped Montenegro's dream of becoming a tourist hot spot come true, as evidenced by beautiful hotels  such as the Porto Negro, Tivat (shown above) inspired by Patricia's rendering.

       Spirit of California Resort

The brainchild of James Rogers and former IMSA champion race driver Skeeter McKitterick, Spirit of California resort is planned for the Tracy, California area.  The resort will feature a beautiful hotel, designed by Patricia Greenway, and a theme park, designed by Peter Alexander and the TFC Team, and much more exciting entertainment. Look for this project to set new standards for the regional theme park business.

Theme Concept Renderings

We also provide conceptual rendering services to architects and engineers, working with them to develop exciting designs that will inspire any client.