Theme & Amusement Park Design

Theme & Amusement Parks are more than just

a collection of rides....

Theme parks are a three-dimensional immersive experience that begins the moment you approach the front gate.  Every sight, sound and visceral feeling that you experience until you leave the park is part of that story.  But why does that matter to you?

Because the more of the principles of theme park design you put into YOUR facility, the happier your guests will be, the more often they will return...and the more money you will make!

Take the original Disneyland--probably the ultimate theme park to this day--and the most "themed" of any theme park.  Last year,  close to 19 million people visited the park.  Or did they? 

Not really.  Actually, about 11 million visited the park--10 million regular visitors and one million season pass holders who visited around nine times.  (Every person who comes through the gate counts as another admission, even if it's the same person nine times.) At Disneyland, the theme is so good people will come back again and again and again...and each time Disney racks up more food and merchandise sales, as well as the hefty price of their passes.

But you say, "I'm no Disney, I don't have that kind of money and I don't have their creative staff. " 

You don't need their money.  And you don't need their staff.  You have us.

Here's an example of what we can do for your attendance and your bottom line:  A few years back, Peter Alexander signed on as creative director for Six Flags when Time-Warner bought the failing, nearly bankrupt park chain.  The team of Peter Alexander, CEO Bob Pittman and COO Mayo Stunts turned perennial loser Six Flags into the biggest success of it's day.  For example, prior to their arrival, Six Flags St. Louis attracted about 1.2 million guests a year.  Peter designed a few attractions--for about half the cost of the typical Six Flags "iron ride"--and the attendance nearly doubled to 2.3 million.  How did he do it?

Theme Park Design.

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